Propierties of speckle patterns generated through multiaperture pupils


The characteristics of the image speckles obtained through multiple aperture pupils are theoretically analyzed in terms of the parameters defining the pupils. The possibility of interpreting and synthesizing the image speckle distribution in terms of rather elementary structures is considered, based on the Fourier optics analysis. Then, first and second order statistical properties of the speckle patterns are studied by evaluating both the mutual intensity and the auto-correlation intensity of speckle distributions obtained by means of pupils consisting of identical apertures. Experimental results are presented to confirm the analysis.


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Properties of speckle patterns generated through multiaperture pupils Optics Communications, Volume 192, Issues 1–2, 15 May 2001, Pages 37-47 Luciano Ángel, Myrian Tebaldi, Marcelo Trivi, Néstor Bolognini