Effect of leaders’ CQ on international projects performance


Purpose -- Globalization has demanded companies to assume an active role as international players of an open market in order to survive the too hasty and challenging global transformations -- Thus, they have appealed to strategies such as taking their projects abroad to expand their frontiers, while working with multicultural teams --Design/methodology/approach -- A literature review is done, and a study on the effect of the leaders´ cultural intelligence (CQ, cultural quotient) in international projects working with multicultural teams is conducted -- In order to do so, the proposal is to identify how the leaders´ CQ, through variables such as learning, listening, communication, and motivation, affects the performance of international projects, and, hence, the triple constrain of the project´s success factors -- Findings -- Data was collected from three international projects developed by a Colombian bank, where 68 employees from nine countries voluntarily responded to an online survey -- The results show that even though the effect of the three components of the leaders´CQ on the multicultural team´s performance and, consequently, on the project´s budget were studied, the only ones that in fact exert an effect over the teams´ performance were physical CQ and cognitive CQ, while motivational CQ did not have any effect -- Originality/value -- To date, no study has inquired on the influence of the leaders´ CQ in international projects -- Particularly, this paper presents an investigation directed at studying the effect of CQ on the development of these types of projects, because current techniques applied to those working in international endeavors were developed under the assumption of monoculture project teams


Palabras clave

Gestión de proyectos internacionales, Inteligencia cultural, Equipos multiculturales, Gestión de proyectos, Comportamiento cultural