Advances of implicit description techniques in modelling and control of switched systems



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Our contribution is devoted to a constructive overview of the implicit system approach in modern control of switched dynamic models. We study a class of non-stationary autonomous switched systems and formally establish the existence of solution. We next incorporate the implicit systems approach into our consideration. At the beginning of the contribution, we also develop a specific system example that is used for illustrations of various system aspects that we consider. Our research involves among others a deep examination of the reachability property in the framework of the implicit system framework that we propose. Based on this methodology, we finally propose a resulting robust control design for the switched systems under consideration and the proposed control strategy is implemented in the context of the illustrative example. © Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2020.


Palabras clave

Artificial intelligence; Control engineering; Software engineering; Autonomous switched systems; Control strategies; Existence of Solutions; Implicit systems; Modelling and controls; Robust control designs; Switched system; System aspects; Robust control