A product design methodology implementing ergonomic's aspects in man-artefact-environment systems


If an object, a system or an environment is destined to a human interaction, then the design must be based upon the physical and mental characteristic of that user -- That’s the reason why a methodology of design that gathers the Man – Artefact – Environment with physical and cognitive ergonomics has been developed; implementing a synergy structure of design methodologies and criteria centering the user as a prime element in every stage of product development; guarantying a major adaptation to the context, capacities and necessities of the person, in a way that improves the efficiency, safety and wellbeing of consumers


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Johana Hoyos, José F. Martínez, Gilberto Osorio, Ricardo Mejía-Gutiérrez “A product design methodology implementing ergonomic´s aspects in man – artefact – environment systems”. In Proceedings of the Virtual Concept International workshop (VC-IW’14) in Innovation in Product Design and Manufacture. Mars 26-27 (2014). ISBN: 978-2-9548927-0-2