Talbot and Lau phenomena implementation via a photorefractive converter



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We propose a novel implementation of the Lau and Talbot effects. It employs a grating registered as modulation of birefringence in a Bi12SiO20 crystal. The systems proposed allow to control the visibility and in particular to reverse the contrast of the self images and Lau fringes by rotating an analyzer. A theoretical approach is outlined and the predicted behavior is confirmed by results obtained under different experimental conditions. We have taken advantage of the arrangements to demonstrate some applications.


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Myrian C. Tebaldi ; Luciano Angel and Nestor A. Bolognini "Talbot and Lau phenomena implementation via a photorefractive converter", Proc. SPIE 3572, 3rd Iberoamerican Optics Meeting and 6th Latin American Meeting on Optics, Lasers, and Their Applications, 242 (July 6, 1999); doi:10.1117/12.358375; http://dx.doi.org/10.1117/12.358375