Holoprinter: study and development of a direct write synthetic full parallax holographic system



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Sociedad Espanola de Optica


Holoprinters based on holographic stereograms (HS) have been developed to synthesize holograms by using 2D images with perspective information of 3D objects. The objects can be real or computer generated. HS has been applied to different fields such as engineering, medicine and military because the high visual impact of the tridimensional and multi-view images it presents. To implement a Holoprinter requires development of three components: i) 2D images generation, ii) optical system design for HS recording and iii) mechanical and control implementation. Therefore, we design and develop each of the components, which integrated compose a holoprinter to synthesize full parallax HS. This paper studies basis for production of this kind of holograms and describes the computational and opto-mechanical design and implementation that we have made. Experimental HS were obtained to validate the system.


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