Inspirational categories for product design: A study within the Conjoint Trends analysis method



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The product user experience (UX) is essential in the design of innovative products. There are numerous methods to define the form of a product that best conveys an UX. One of these methods is the Conjoint Trend Board method (CTA) that is easy to use and inexpensive. Nevertheless, in some of CTA's instructions the user can introduce biases. Therefore, this publication is part of a study that seeks to increase the robustness of the method, increasing the accuracy of their results. This research seeks to define the criteria for choosing an image as inspiring, when one applies the CTA. One experiment with 6 designers (novel and experienced) is proposed in order to identify what the inspiring and non-inspiring elements are. Finally, some criteria, for use when selecting images as inspiring within the CTA method, are proposed.


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