Misci middleware for smart cities extended with linked data


This article proposes an extension of the capabilities of the MiSCi middleware, by adding a new layer called Linked Data, to identify, describe, connect, relate and exploit the various user-generated data and applications of the smart city using the Linked Data paradigm. This new layer is composed of different agents that automate the specification, modeling, generation, linking, publication and exploitation of data based on MEDAWEDE. Such agents can enrich existing MiSCi ontologies, generate knowledge models required by MiSCi services, generate data to build knowledge models for MiSCi, and recommend information in contexts of uncertainty through hybrid inference based on descriptive/dialectical logic. In addition, this work specifies a case study, where the MiSCi's capabilities to handle different critical situations are shown, supported by the new data link layer. © The author; licensee Universidad Nacional de Colombia.


Palabras clave

Agents, Linked data, Ontology, Semantic enrichment