Design of a competences based teaching model supported in the integration of repositories and LMS platforms for the automatic control of processes course



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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.


The Automatic Process Control course is part of the Mechanical Engineering, Process Engineering and Production Engineering programs, offered by EAFIT University (Medellin, Colombia). This course has had a number of reforms in recent years, from two academic spaces to one that contains all the content and features them from theoretical and practical components. With this transformation, was generated the need to reduce the time commitment to each of the thematic, causing learning issues in students. For this reason, we have proposed a new reform in the course through the implementation of a content management model based on competences and supported by the integration of repositories and LMS platforms. This model seeks to train students in the skills defined by the courses and because of this, it is important that the learning process provide mechanisms to validate the skill level of each student, taking into account the outcome of the validation should correspond directly to the skills acquired in the training process. To support this model, there are technological tools as platforms for learning management and learning object repositories that support the online teaching and learning processes, and support the use of standards, generating interoperability, reusability, adaptability and scalability content. © 2014 IEEE.


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