The constitution of the United States of America, 1846 : with an alphabetical analysis, the Declaration of Independence ; the prominent political acts of George Washington ; electoral votes for all the presidents and vice-presidents ; the high authorities and civil officers of government, from march 4, 1789, to march 3, 1847 ; chronological narrative of the several states ; and other interesting matter ; with a descriptive account of the state papers, public documents, and other sources of political and statistical information at the seat of government / by W. Hickey



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Philadelphia : T. K. & P. G. Collins


"The Constitution, as the fireside companion of the American citizen, preserves in full freshness and vigor the recollection of the patriotic virtues and persevering courage of those gallant spirits of the Revolution who achieved the national independence, and the intelligence and fidelity of those fathers of the republic who secured, by this noble charter, the fruits and the blessings of independence. The judgment of the Senate of the United States has declared the importance of familiarizing American citizens, more extensively, with this fundamental law of their country, and has approved its association with the examples of republican virtue and the paternal advice of the "Father of his country", joined to other kindred matter, constituting the body of this work. To this honorable body is due the credit of having provided for the first general promulgation of the constitution, the continued dissemination of whose wise injunctions and conservative principles among the people, can alone preserve their fraternal union and the precious inheritance of freedom"


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Declaración de independencia de Estados Unidos