A user-centred assessment of a new bicycle sharing system in Medellin



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A bicycle sharing system (BSS) offers multiple benefits to a city as well as numerous challenges for effective implementation, especially if the system is connected to other modes of transportation. User-centred assessments of BSSs have been recognised as a paramount factor in transportation research, although it has received relatively little attention. This ethnographic study implemented a user experiential approach for assessing EnCicla, which is a new BSS in the city of Medellin, Colombia. A deeper understanding of users was needed for identifying the perceived journey maps; including route stages, functional likes and dislikes, affective reactions, and motivations for using the system. Findings identified not only the functional but also the affective aspects of the user experience. The 40 participants were also classified into four user groups: Lover, Civic, Grateful, and Adapted. Managerial implications involved recommendations for improving the service design and the communication and promotion strategies of the system. Limitations have to do with the specific characteristics of the sample. © 2016 Elsevier Ltd


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