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dc.descriptionAutomated theorem provers (ATP) and proof assistants are among the developed sub-areas on automated reasoning, despite their approaches being certainly opposite, many new developments combine both techniques allowing a sub-proof to be automated using an ATP from within a proof assistant. Acting as a bridge between proof assistants and ATP, these systems known as hammers tend to enhance the functionality of an existing proof assistant, adding ATP capabilities into the interactive logical reasoning process. Agda a well known dependently typed functional programming language that can also be use as a proof assistant lacks in some degree of a hammer-like tool, and hence our goal is to fill part of this gap with a tool that can translate from an ATP generated proof into idiomatic Agda code, and doing so provide a base for further
dc.publisherUniversidad EAFITspa
dc.titleProof Reconstruction: Parsing Proofsspa
dc.publisher.programGrupo de Investigación en Lógica y Computaciónspa
dc.publisher.departmentUniversidad EAFIT. Escuela de Cienciasspa
dc.type.localDocumento de trabajo de investigaciónspa
dc.subject.keywordfirst-order logicspa
dc.subject.keywordautomatic theorem proversspa
dc.rights.localAcceso abiertospa
dc.contributor.departmentUniversidad EAFIT. Escuela de Ciencias. Grupo de Investigación en Lógica y Computaciónspa
dc.contributor.authorGómez-Londoño, Alejandro

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