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    (Q,r) model; CVaR; risk averse optimization; risk measure; inventorymodels [1]
    2,4 dinitrophenol; dissolved oxygen; ferricyanide oxidoreductase; ferrocyanide; ferrocyanide oxidoreductase; oxidoreductase; potassium chloride; reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide; succinate ferricyanide reductase; unclassified drug; animal tissue; article; controlled study; enzyme activity; ionic strength; liver mitochondrion; male; mathematical model; mitochondrial respiration; nonhuman; outer membrane; oxidation; oxidation reduction reaction; priority journal; rat; Animals; Cells, Cultured; Enzyme Activation; Ferricyanides; Ferrocyanides; Male; Mitochondria, Liver; Mitochondrial Membranes; Models, Biological; NADH, NADPH Oxidoreductases; Oxidoreductases; Rats; Animalia [1]
    3D CAD; Computer-aided Design; Computer-aided Manufacturing; Feature recognition [1]
    3D hydrodynamic modelling; Environmental management; Estuarine circulation; Semi-enclosed coastal waters; Vertical mixing; Water renewal time scales [1]
    3D Structure; Closed shell interactions; Cluster stability; Condensed Fukui functions; Conformational space; Covalencies; Delocalized electron; Electron population; Global minima; Localization index; Stable Configuration; Topological analysis; Topological complexity; Carrier concentration; Quantum chemistry; Topology; Electron density measurement [1]
    3D-contorno [1]
    3S-regression; Case-wise contamination; Comedian; MAD; Monte carlo simulation; R software; Robustness; Rocke S-estimator [1]
    4d-TQFTs; D-brane; D-Brane Topological Quantum Computation; Donaldson; Euler characteristic; Invariant polynomials; Jones polynomial; Khovanov Homology; Quantum computation; Graph theory; Mathematical operators; Polynomials; Quantum optics; Quantum theory; Quantum computers [1]
    : Tautolog´ia, contradicci´on, contingencia, l´ogica modal, mundos posibles. [1]
    ?-Hypoelliptic differential operators; Beurling ultradistributions; Hörmander spaces; Hörmander-Beurling spaces [1]
    abdominal psoas muscle; adolescent; Article; backache; child; clinical article; computer program; controlled study; cross-sectional study; diaphragm; extensor muscle; human; lumbar extensor muscle; muscle; muscle strength; patellofemoral pain syndrome; pelvis [1]
    Aberraciones Ópticas, Polinomios de Zernike, Opto-mecánica [1]
    Aberración de frente de onda, Series de Fourier, Polinomios de Zernike [1]
    Aberrations; Adaptive control systems; Adaptive optics; Biological systems; Diffraction; Light modulators; Light transmission; Phase modulation; Topology; Vortex flow; Wavefronts; Amplitude gratings; Dynamic diffraction; Mathematical frameworks; Optical vortices; Spatial light modulators; Topological charges; Vortex beams; Diffraction gratings [1]
    Abiotic and biotic controls; Complicated logistic growth; Diversity dynamics; Macroevolution; Paleobiology; Planktic foraminifera [2]
    Absorption spectroscopy; Atomic absorption spectrometry; Engineering research; High resolution transmission electron microscopy; Magnetite; Magnetite nanoparticles; Mercury compounds; Mossbauer spectroscopy; Synthesis (chemical); Aqueous leaf extracts; Atomic absorption spectroscopy; Colloidal stabilizers; High availability; Magnetic nano-particles; Mossbauer spectra; Spherical nanoparticles; Superparamagnetic particles; Nanomagnetics [1]
    Absorption spectroscopy; Deionized water; Electron microscopy; Hematite; High resolution transmission electron microscopy; Magnetite; Magnetite nanoparticles; Magnetization; Milling (machining); Nanoparticles; Particle size; Plasma diagnostics; Saturation magnetization; Synthesis (chemical); Transmission electron microscopy; X ray diffraction; Atomic absorption measurements; Atomic absorption spectroscopy; High-energy ball milling; Maghemites; Magnetization measurements; Ssbauer spectroscopies; Synthesis and characterizations; Vibrating sample magnetometry; Ball milling; chromium; ferric oxide; magnetite nanoparticle; Article; atomic absorption spectrometry; grinding; hysteresis; magnetometry; Mossbauer spectroscopy; precursor; priority journal; room temperature; synthesis; transmission electron microscopy; X ray diffraction [1]
    Acantilados de Antioquia [1]