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    Acceptance tests; Alkyl groups; Basis set superposition errors; CCSD; Conformational space; Cyclic tetramers; Highly-correlated; Random searches; Random Walk; Relative stabilities; Stationary points; Stochastic search; Structural characterization; Structural isomers; Tetramers; Binding sites; Geometry; Hydrogen; Hydrogen bonds; Isomers; Methanol; Nuclear energy; Potential energy; Potential energy surfaces; Quantum chemistry; Simulated annealing; Structural optimization; Binding energy; methanol; article; chemical model; chemical structure; chemistry; computer simulation; hydrogen bond; isomerism; surface property; Computer Simulation; Hydrogen Bonding; Isomerism; Methanol; Models, Chemical; Molecular Structure; Surface Properties [1]
    Access control; Estimation; Wireless networks; Admission controllers; Algorithm parameters; Available bandwidth; Estimation errors; Performance study; Rapid convergence; Speed of convergence; Theoretical guarantees; Bandwidth [1]
    Acclimatization; Adventitious shoots; Oilseed; Rooting; Tissue culture [2]
    accretion; El Nino-Southern Oscillation; geomorphology; Holocene; human activity; mangrove; overbank flow; river discharge; sea level change; shoreline; tsunami event; Pacific Coast [South America] [1]
    accumulation rate; deposition; El Nino-Southern Oscillation; Holocene; intertropical convergence zone; lamination; Neotropical Region; paleohydrology; paleolimnology; reconstruction; ria; Andes; Cauca; Colombia [1]
    accuracy; article; computational fluid dynamics; mathematical model; Michaelis Menten kinetics; molecular dynamics; nonhuman; predator prey interaction; reliability; simulation [1]
    aceites vegetales, fluidos supercríticos, omega-3, extracción supercrítica. [1]
    Acetylene; Argon; Atomic force microscopy; Composition effects; Indentation; Magnetron sputtering; Methane; Microelectromechanical devices; Profilometry; Raman spectroscopy; Sputter deposition; gas discharge; Silicon substrates; Diamond like carbon films [1]
    Achromatism [2]
    Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler; deep water; energy dissipation; gravity wave; shoaling wave; shoreline; velocity structure; wave energy; wave reflection; wave scattering; Cape Canaveral; Florida [United States]; United States [1]
    Acoustic noise; Adaptive filters; Algorithms; Audio acoustics; Biomedical engineering; Mathematical transformations; Pathology; Signal detection; Signal processing, Artificial noise; Convex combinations; Dynamic threshold; Hilbert transform; Monophonic signals; Non-ideal conditions; Voice activity detection algorithms; Voice activity detectors, Speech recognition [1]
    Acoustic wave propagation; Acoustic waves; Acoustics; Dispersion (waves); Finite difference method; Numerical methods; Seismic prospecting; Wave equations; Computational costs; Finite difference scheme; Mathematical expressions; Neumann; Numerical dispersions; Numerical solution; Reverse time migrations; Stability condition; Stability criteria [1]
    Activation analysis; Bacteriology; Catalysis; Deposition; Fish; Fluorescence; Fluorescence microscopy; Fruits; Plants (botany); Bacillus sp; Fluorescence in situ hybridization; Fluorescent in situ hybridization; Molecular visualization; Murashige and Skoog mediums; Plant growth promoting bacterium; Plant growth promotion; Root colonization; Bacteria; bacterium; cell; colony; genetic analysis; growth; herb; microbial activity; molecular analysis; plant; rhizosphere; root colonization; root system; Bacillus sp.; Bacillus subtilis; Bacteria (microorganisms); Lycopersicon esculentum; agricultural inoculation; Bacillus subtilis; fluorescence in situ hybridization; growth, development and aging; microbiology; microflora; Musa; physiology; plant development; plant root; plant seed; rhizosphere; scanning electron microscopy; soil; tomato; Agricultural Inoculants; Bacillus subtilis; In Situ Hybridization, Fluorescence; Lycopersicon esculentum; Microbiota; Microscopy, Electron, Scanning; Musa; P [2]
    Active volcanism; Volcanic landforms; Glacial landforms [1]
    Adaptive filters [1]
    Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system; Bacillus thuringiensis; Batch bioreactors; Biomass concentrations; Biomass productions; Biotechnological process; Fuzzy inference systems; Mamdani; Artificial intelligence; Bacilli; Bacteriology; Biomass; Clustering algorithms; Estimation; Extended Kalman filters; Fuzzy inference; Fuzzy neural networks; Inference engines; Fuzzy systems [1]
    Adomian decomposition method, Black?Scholes equation, European call option pricing. [2]
    aerosol; hygroscopicity; instrumentation; lidar; mixing ratio; relative humidity; remote sensing [1]
    Aerospace industry; Antennas; Atmospheric pressure; Automobile manufacture; Data communication systems; Data transfer; Design; Electric power transmission; Manufacture; Propellants; Rockets; Software radio; Solid propellants; Spacecraft propulsion; Surface mount technology; Commercial off-the shelves; Communication modules; Data transmission protocols; Design and manufactures; Printed circuit board (PCBs); Software-defined radios; Solid-propellant motors; Surface mounting devices; Printed circuit boards [2]