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  • Mecanismos utilizados para monitorear el poder de mercado en mercados eléctricos: reflexiones para Colombia. 

    Botero García, Jesús; García, John J.; Vélez, Luis Guillermo;;; (2012-08-20)
    The objective of this paper is to investigate the viability of using the Residual Supply Index (RSI) in the Colombian electrical pool, in order to promote market competition. We base our evaluation on a literature review ...
  • El poder de mercado bajo el nuevo diseño del Pool eléctrico Español 

    García, John J.; Banal-Estanol, Albert; Trillas, Francesc;;; (2009-11-02)
    During 2006 and 2007, by means of the Royal Decree Law 3/2006, the Royal Decree 1634/2006 and the Order ITC/400/2007, several changes were introduced in the running of the wholesale electricity market in Spain. One of the ...