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  • A Spatial Analysis to Permanent Income as Deterrent of Homicides: the case of Medellin City 

    Urrego, Joaquin A.; Gómez Toro, Catalina; Velásquez, Hermilson (Universidad EAFIT; Escuela de Economía y Finanzas, 2016-05-04)
    This paper studies the relationship between permanent income and homicides, estimating an income-crime elasticity. We assume that this elasticity varies across geographical areas. We estimate different specifications of ...
  • Civil Conflict and antipoverty programmes: effects on demobilisation 

    Pena, Paola; Urrego, Joaquin A.; Villa, Juan M. (Universidad EAFIT; Escuela de Economía y Finanzas, 2015-04-08)
    Antipoverty programmes have been successful in helping millions of people afford betterlivelihoods -- While this is well known, little research has yet been conducted that examines the power of such programmes to influence ...