Recent Submissions

  • Meta-modeling of Lattice Mechanical Responses via Design of Experiments 

    Montoya-Zapata D.; Acosta D.A.; Cortes C.; Pareja-Corcho J.; Moreno A.; Posada J.; Ruiz-Salguero O. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2020-01-01)
    In the context of lattice manufacturing, the problem of mechanical and structural characterization of large lattice domains is relevant. Lattice materials are used in engineering (e.g. in energy absorption and heat conduction) ...
  • Análisis de la sensibilidad paramétrica y del comportamiento dinámico de la hidrólisis del isocianato de metilo 

    Ojeda, J.C.; GilPavas, E.; Dobrosz-Gómez, I.; Gómez, M.A. (Centro de Informacion Tecnologica, 2016-01-01)
    In this work, parametric sensitivity and dynamic analysis were combined to determine the thermal instability conditions inherent in the methyl isocyanate hydrolysis reaction. This highly exothermic reaction tragically ...
  • FEA Structural Optimization Based on Metagraphs 

    Montoya-Zapata D.; Acosta D.A.; Ruiz-Salguero O.; Sanchez-Londono D. (Springer Verlag, 2019-01-01)
    Evolutionary Structural Optimization (ESO) seeks to mimic the form in which nature designs shapes. This paper focuses on shape carving triggered by environmental stimuli. In this realm, existing algorithms delete under - ...
  • Pixel-based Wake Interaction and Power Estimation for a Wind Farm with Irregular Boundary 

    Ohlsen,, G; Ruiz-Salguero O.; Full,, T.; Acosta D.A. (2018-10-18)
    In the domain of generation of wind turbine energy, it is central to correctly estimate the interactions among the various turbines in a wind turbine farm.