Recent Submissions

  • Suspension and landing gear failures 

    Ossa, E.A.; Paniagua, M. (Elsevier Inc., 2015-01-01)
    Failure of landing gears in aircrafts represents approximately a 10% of the total of failures reported for the aerospace industry. This chapter discusses the main causes of these failures, their prevention, and a complete ...
  • Experimental Analysis of the Lateral Resistance of a Shear Critical Reinforced Concrete Frame 

    Acevedo A.B.; Bonett, R.L.; Carmona, O. (Sociedade Portuguesa de Engenharia Sismica (SPES), 2012-09-24)
    Flexural behaviour of reinforced concrete (RC) frames is a well-studied topic that has been evaluated both analytical and experimentally. Contrarily, shear failure of RC frames have been studied in a lesser amount