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dc.creatorBermudez, G.P.
dc.creatorGarcia, J.A.
dc.creatorLozano, A.B.
dc.description.abstractThe new manufacturing technologies of the world are increasingly demanding the design and redesign of new alternative products and processes that can be useful and low cost term. The alternative solution and methodology to innovate in manufacturing processes of incremental sheet metal forming is shown in this paper. Through the methodology Product design specification (PDS) as a practical and effective solution, describes the design step, specific requirements, materials and building process to achieve a device's architecture for a sheet metal deformation by two-point method Die less - DPIF. The selection, simplification and functionality becomes a fundamental objective for design engineers. © 2014 IEEE.
dc.publisherInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
dc.rightsInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
dc.sourceApplication Design Methodology For Building A Device Foil Incremental Deformation By Double Point Method Dieless-Dpif
dc.sourceISBN: 9781479943241
dc.subjectArchitectural design; Deformation; Design; Manufacture; Metal forming; Sheet metal; Dieless; DPIF; NPD; PDS; PLM; Product design
dc.titleApplication Design Methodology for Building a Device Foil Incremental Deformation by Double Point Method Dieless-DPIF
dc.typeConference Paper

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