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Active volcanism; Volcanic landforms; Glacial landforms (1)
Air pollution; Landforms; Magnetic susceptibility; Magnetite; Multivariant analysis; Particles (particulate matter); Tropics; Air pollution monitoring; Concentration-dependent; Environmental magnetism; Multivariate statistical analysis; Particulate Matter; Pollution index; Potentially toxic elements; Specific magnetic susceptibility; Magnetism; atmospheric pollution; biomonitoring; magnetic method; magnetic susceptibility; magnetite; multivariate analysis; particulate matter; tropical environment; valley; Aburra Valley; Antioquia [Colombia]; Colombia; Tillandsia; Tillandsia recurvata (1)
Andean orogeny; basin evolution; Cenozoic; coal; extensional tectonics; folding; inversion tectonics; sequence stratigraphy; subsidence; tectonic evolution; thrust; uplift; volcanism; Amaga Basin; Andes; Antioquia [Colombia]; Colombia; Cordillera Central [Andes]; South America (1)
Andes; Andesites; Carbonate subduction; Subduction (1)
Andes; landmarks; geo-route; geo-tourism; itineraries. (1)
andesite; Andosol; emplacement; erosion rate; fission track dating; geomorphology; lacustrine deposit; long-term change; saprolite; tephra; volcanic ash; zircon; Colombia; Cordillera Central [Colombia]; South America (1)
Apatite; Fission reactions; Phosphate minerals; Silicate minerals; Apatite fission tracks; Baja california; Complete information; Early Miocene; Gulf of California; Intrusive rocks; Shallow depths; Transtension; Tectonics; apatite; cooling; deformation; emplacement; fission track dating; igneous intrusion; Miocene; pluton; rifting; transtension; Baja California Sur; Baja California [(PNN) Mexico]; Gulf of California; Mexico [North America]; Pacific Ocean (1)
block rotation; Cainozoic; palaeomagnetism; tectonics; Colombia, Andes, North Cauca Basin (1)
Chlorine compounds; Hot springs; Hydrochemistry; Sulfur compounds; Volcanoes; Colombia; Geothermal exploration; Geothermometry; High-temperature systems; Hydrogeochemical; Geothermal prospecting; exploration; geothermal energy; geothermometry; high temperature; hydrogeochemistry; stable isotope; thermal spring; thermal water; Andes; Colombia (1)
Colombia; Geoparks; Geoturism; Magdalena medio; Sustainable development goals (1)