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Audio and video; Collaborative virtual environment; Development teams; Learning process; Shared virtual environments; Telepresence applications; User's perceptions; Virtual objects; Display devices; E-learning; Learning systems; Teaching; Virtual reality; Visual communication; Engineering education (1)
Calculations; Computer software; E-learning; Education; Engineering education; Learning systems; Teaching; Tools; Calculus; Comparative analysis; Evaluation; Mathematical knowledge; Online learning tools; Practice; School of engineering; Undergraduate program; Students (1)
Calculus; e-Learning; Practice; Evaluation; Calculus Teaching; Tools (1)
Coffee agriculture; Area; Teaching for understanding; Perimeter (1)
Collaborative Work; Instructional environments; Mobile-learning; Participative action; Pocket-PC; Student-instructor interactions; E-learning; Hand held computers; Information technology; Models; Students; Teaching; Engineering education (1)
Computer supported cooperative work; Differentiation (calculus); Distributed computer systems; Learning systems; Students; Teaching; Function transformation; Generalized graphics; Multi variate calculus; Virtual reality (1)
Cálculo, Applets, Geogebra, Visualización, Comprensión (1)
Distance interaction; Education process; Educational community; Multi-Variable calculus; Positive features; Telepresence; Calculations; Distance education; E-learning; Visual communication; Teaching (1)
Group of teachers practicing paper folding; Production of knowledge; Human beings with means; Trisection of an acute angle (1)
Pensamiento estadístico, análisis de datos, interpretación, tablas y gráficos estadísticos, enseñanza para la comprensión. (1)