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    Abiotic and biotic controls; Complicated logistic growth; Diversity dynamics; Macroevolution; Paleobiology; Planktic foraminifera [1]
    Acclimatization; Adventitious shoots; Oilseed; Rooting; Tissue culture [1]
    Activation analysis; Bacteriology; Catalysis; Deposition; Fish; Fluorescence; Fluorescence microscopy; Fruits; Plants (botany); Bacillus sp; Fluorescence in situ hybridization; Fluorescent in situ hybridization; Molecular visualization; Murashige and Skoog mediums; Plant growth promoting bacterium; Plant growth promotion; Root colonization; Bacteria; bacterium; cell; colony; genetic analysis; growth; herb; microbial activity; molecular analysis; plant; rhizosphere; root colonization; root system; Bacillus sp.; Bacillus subtilis; Bacteria (microorganisms); Lycopersicon esculentum; agricultural inoculation; Bacillus subtilis; fluorescence in situ hybridization; growth, development and aging; microbiology; microflora; Musa; physiology; plant development; plant root; plant seed; rhizosphere; scanning electron microscopy; soil; tomato; Agricultural Inoculants; Bacillus subtilis; In Situ Hybridization, Fluorescence; Lycopersicon esculentum; Microbiota; Microscopy, Electron, Scanning; Musa; P [1]
    Aerospace industry; Antennas; Atmospheric pressure; Automobile manufacture; Data communication systems; Data transfer; Design; Electric power transmission; Manufacture; Propellants; Rockets; Software radio; Solid propellants; Spacecraft propulsion; Surface mount technology; Commercial off-the shelves; Communication modules; Data transmission protocols; Design and manufactures; Printed circuit board (PCBs); Software-defined radios; Solid-propellant motors; Surface mounting devices; Printed circuit boards [1]
    algorithm; cluster analysis; DNA sequence; genomics; metagenome; metagenomics; Algorithms; Cluster Analysis; Genomics; Metagenome; Metagenomics; Sequence Analysis, DNA [1]
    ancient DNA; Caviomorpha; Dry Chaco; Octodontoidea; Paraguay [1]
    Andean small mammals; diversity; elevational range profile; mammal inventories; Northern Andes [1]
    art installation; directional sound; non-linear acoustics; parametric loudspeaker; ultrasound [1]
    Atmospheric pressure; Data communication systems; Electric power transmission; Printed circuit boards; Propellants; Rockets; Solid propellants; Commercial off-the-shelf components; Communication modules; Development stages; Ground stations; Printed circuit boards (PCB); Rack structures; Satellite concept; Software-defined radios; Software radio [1]
    Autoinducers; Degradation; Interference; Microbial ecology; Quorum quenching; Quorum sensing [1]
    bacilibactin; fengycin; indole; lipopeptide; microbial products not classified elsewhere; nitrogenase; phytase; siderophore; surfactin; unclassified drug; volatile agent, Article; Bacillus subtilis; bacterial genome; bacterial strain; controlled study; dry weight; gene expression; gene sequence; greenhouse; in vitro study; nitrogen fixation; nonhuman; phosphate metabolism; plant growth; priority journal; rhizosphere; sustainable agriculture; tomato [1]
    Bacillus subtilis; Specific probe; Fluorescence in situ hybridization; B. amyloliquefaciens [1]
    bioaccumulation; bird; concentration (composition); diet; gold; mercury (element); mining; mountain region; national park; rodent; toxicity; wild population; Colombia; Aves; Mus; Penelope perspicax; Quimbaya; Rodentia; Trochilidae [1]
    biodiversity, data management, e-infrastructure, innovation, research policy [1]
    Biomedical engineering; Biophysics; Embeddings; Fuzzy clustering; Petroleum reservoir evaluation; Stochastic systems; Binning; Cluster validity indices; Community constructions; Evaluation protocol; Metagenomics; Microbial communities; State-of-the-art methods; Unsupervised method; Benchmarking [1]
    Biomedical engineering; Biophysics; Entropy; Graphic methods; Machine learning; Unsupervised learning; Biological data; Clustering; Graph; Metagenomic binning; Spike-sorting; Sorting [1]
    Caiman crocodilus; Colombian biodiversity; Cranial variation; Geometric morphometrics; Ontogeny [1]
    Caribbean plate; Santa Marta Batholith; Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta; Subduction; Trondhjemite [1]
    CO 2; fossil; leaf gas-exchange model; Miocene; stomata [1]
    Cryptonanus; Cryptonanus chacoensis; Didelphidae; Didelphimorphia; Marmosa [1]