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  • Contrast inversion in the Lau phenomena implemented with a photorefractive grating 

    Ángel Toro, Luciano; Tebaldi, Myrian Cristina; Bolognini, Néstor Alberto (SPIE, 1999-07-06)
    It was implemented the Lau effect with a grating registered in a BSO crystal. Two different arrangement were analyzed. In both cases, it is possible to control the visibility and to produce the contrast inversion of fringes, ...
  • Shack - Hartmann spot dislocation map determination using an optical flow method 

    Vargas, Javier; Restrepo Gómez, René; Belenguer, Tomás (OSA; Escuela de Ciencias y Humanidades, 2014-01-14)
    We present a robust, dense, and accurate Shack-Hartmann spot dislocation map determination method based on a regularized optical flow algorithm that does not require obtaining the spot centroids. The method is capable to ...