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    (Q,r) model; CVaR; risk averse optimization; risk measure; inventorymodels [1]
    (Styles of) governance; urban planning; informality; social urbanism; global South; Medellin; proyecto habitacional Juan Bobo [1]
    (UE) Utilidad Económica [1]
    011 [1]
    040 [1]
    1851 civil war [1]
    19th century [1]
    2,4 dinitrophenol; dissolved oxygen; ferricyanide oxidoreductase; ferrocyanide; ferrocyanide oxidoreductase; oxidoreductase; potassium chloride; reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide; succinate ferricyanide reductase; unclassified drug; animal tissue; article; controlled study; enzyme activity; ionic strength; liver mitochondrion; male; mathematical model; mitochondrial respiration; nonhuman; outer membrane; oxidation; oxidation reduction reaction; priority journal; rat; Animals; Cells, Cultured; Enzyme Activation; Ferricyanides; Ferrocyanides; Male; Mitochondria, Liver; Mitochondrial Membranes; Models, Biological; NADH, NADPH Oxidoreductases; Oxidoreductases; Rats; Animalia [1]
    2-D model; Response spectra; Simplified procedure; Soil-Structure Interaction effects [1]
    2030 [1]
    21 [1]
    3-D scanner; CFD; CFX; Colombians; Computational fluids dynamics; Computational studies; Design process; Modeling and simulation; Operational conditions; Port facilities; Reverse engineering process; Reynolds-averaged navier stokes solvers; ROV; Thrust forces; Visual information; Arctic engineering; Computational fluid dynamics; Computer aided design; Computer aided software engineering; Mechanics; Navier Stokes equations; Ocean engineering; Remote control; Reverse engineering; Ship propulsion; Shipbuilding; Three dimensional; Vehicles; Remotely operated vehicles [1]
    378.17 V335 [1]
    378.17 V665 [1]
    378.17O839 [1]
    3D (Programas para computador) [2]
    3D CAD; Computer-aided Design; Computer-aided Manufacturing; Feature recognition [2]
    3D faces; 3D reconstruction; Bijective mapping; Bilateral filters; Connected subset; Data sets; Depthmap; Epipolar; Face reconstruction; Gray codes; Passive systems; Segmentation algorithms; Stereo cameras; Stereo mapping; Stereo matching; Stereoscopic image; Structured Light; Triangular meshes; Algorithms; Computer graphics; Computer vision; Data processing; Face recognition; Image matching; Image segmentation; Three dimensional; Surface reconstruction [1]
    3D hydrodynamic modelling; Environmental management; Estuarine circulation; Semi-enclosed coastal waters; Vertical mixing; Water renewal time scales [1]
    3D mesh reconstruction; In-line dimensional inspection; Optical system; Revolution workpiece; Warm forming [1]