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    animal, salud, rol, relación. [1]
    Anxiety; Cancer; Coping; Distress; Mini-MAC; Validation [1]
    Assessment; Dilemmas; Instruments; Measurement; Suffering [1]
    associated factors; cancer; distress; end of life; predictors; suffering [1]
    Becoming; Gilbert simondon; Imagination; Individuation; Invention [1]
    clínica; psicoterapia; método; orientación analítica [1]
    Colombia; Cooperatives; Leader-member exchange; Turnover [1]
    Comportamiento proambiental; Conocimiento ambiental; Actitudesambientales; Comportamiento sustentable; Educación superior. [1]
    Cooperative behaviors; Corporate social responsibility; Hybrid organizations; Social cause; Social entrepreneurship [1]
    Couples; Dependence; Factor analysis; Gender differences; Structural equation modeling [1]
    cybernetics; Gilbert Simondon; trans-individuality; psychological adaptation [1]
    Decision making; Deliberation; Intuition; Managers [1]
    Discomfort; Occupational Health; Occupational Mental Health; Pleasure; Suffering; The Clinics of Work [1]
    Environmental attitude; Environmental knowledge; Higher education; Pro-environmental behavior; Sustainable behavior [1]
    Formación de psicológos [2]
    Gilbert Simondon; individuation; becoming; imagination; invention [1]
    Human management; analytical orientation; verbalization; responsibilization; human development [1]
    Ideological psychological contract; job satisfaction; organizational respect; social enterprise [1]
    Intuitive thinking; logos; primary logic; secondary logic; fractal logic [1]
    lenguaje; biología; simbólico [1]