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  • HIPAE helicopter-borne in-situ pollution assessment experiment: Plataforma alternativa para la medición de contaminantes en capas verticales 

    Botero A.Y.; Florez J.; Duque J.F.; Rendon A.; Lopez-Restrepo S.; Pinel N.; Quintero O.L.;; Rodriguez J.S.; Galvez J.; Lopera D.V.; Montilla E.; Marulanda J.I.; Isaza C.; Lainez M.L.A.; Zapata A.F. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2019-01-01)
  • Design of a linear in wavenumber spectrometer 

    Ruiz-Lopera S.; Restrepo R. (OSA - The Optical Society, 2018-01-01)
    We describe the optical design of a linear in wavenumber spectrometer that combines a grating and a prism. OpticStudio software was used to validate the performance of the design. High lineartiy in k-space was achived. © ...
  • Monoscopic multifocus in polarization images for biological samples segmentation 

    Cano C.; Restrepo R. (OSA - The Optical Society, 2018-01-01)
    We present an implementation based on polarization images acquisition for different focus planes in a microscope, allowing the volumetric segmentation of structured biological samples like onion cellular walls. © 2018 The ...
  • Design, development, and implementation of a low-cost full-parallax holoprinter 

    Madrid S, A.; D. Velásquez (SPIE-INT SOC OPTICAL ENGINEERING, 2018-02-19)
    Synthetic holograms have achieved a great impact in a variety of fields like architecture, advertising, army and art, and have proven their importance in advancing the holographic displays as visual communication media. ...
  • Lalinet status - Station expansion and lidar ratio systematic measurements 

    Landulfo E.; Lopes F.; Moreira G.A.; Da Silva J.; Ristori P.; Quel E.; Otero L.; Pallota J.V.; Herrera M.; Salvador J.; Bali J.L.; Wolfram E.; Etala P.; Barbero A.; Forno R.; Sanchez M.F.; Barbosa H.; Gouveia D.; Santos A.V.; Hoelzemann J.; Fernandez J.H.; Guedes A.; Silva A.; Barja B.; Zamorano F.; Legue R.P.; Bastidas A.; Zabala M.V.; Velez J.; Nisperuza D.; Montilla E.; Arredondo R.E.; Marrero J.C.A.; Vega A.R.; Alados-Arboledas L.; Guerrero-Rascado J.L.; Sugimoto N.; Yoshitaka J. (EDP Sciences, 2018-01-01)
    LALINET is expanding regionally to guarantee spatial coverage over South and Central Americas. One of the network goals is to obtain a set of regional representative aerosol optical properties such as particle backscatter, ...
  • DC term filtering techniques in digital holography 

    Garcia-Sucerquia, J.; Ramirez, J.A.H.; Prieto, D.V. (SPIE-INT SOC OPTICAL ENGINEERING, 2004-01-01)
    In numerical hologram reconstruction like in optical holography, there exist different diffraction orders, which many times produce difficulties for the image visualizations. In numerical reconstruction, the filtering of ...
  • Reduction of speckle noise in digital holography 

    Garcia-Sucerquia, J.; Ramirez, J.A.H.; Castaneda, R.; Prieto, D.V. (SPIE-INT SOC OPTICAL ENGINEERING, 2004-01-01)
    A fundamental problem in holography, as well optical as digital, is the presence of speckle noise in the reconstruction process. Many approaches have been carried out in order overcome such a problem, ranging from altering ...
  • Detection of saharan mineral dust aerosol transport over brazilian northeast through a depolarization lidar 

    Guedes A.G.; Landulfo E.; Montilla-Rosero E.; Lopes F.J.S.; Hoelzemann J.J.; Fernandez J.H.; Silva M.P.A.; Santos R.S.S.; Guerrero-Rascado J.L.; Alados-Arboledas L. (EDP Sciences, 2018-01-01)
    In this study we present results of linear volume depolarization ratio profiles obtained by a depolarization lidar in operation in Natal, Brazil. The DUSTER system has 4 channels, namely: 1064, 532 s/p and 355 nm. This ...
  • Use of optical vortices for the compression of fingerprint recognition systems 

    Martín R.-V.; René R. (IOP PUBLISHING LTD, 2017-06-13)
    In this article, an algorithm is presented for the processing and verification of fingerprints by analyzing optical vortices present in the orientation of the fringes of the fingerprint. The algorithm presents a compression ...
  • Monocolor and color holography of pre-Hispanic Colombian goldwork: a way of Colombian heritage appropriation 

    Madrid S, A.; Giraldo, Leidy Marcela; D. Velásquez (2018-02-19)
    Optically indistinguishable copies of 3D real objects or holograms are known to be suitable to replace exhibited artistic pieces in museums.
  • Monocolor and color holography of pre-Hispanic Colombian goldwork: A way of Colombian heritage appropriation 

    Madrid Sánchez, A.; Giraldo, L.M.; Velásquez Prieto, D. (SPIE-INT SOC OPTICAL ENGINEERING, 2018-01-01)
    Optically indistinguishable copies of 3D real objects or holograms are known to be suitable to replace exhibited artistic pieces in museums. In this paper, we discuss holography as an alternative to protect, share and ...
  • Analysis of vibrations in a plate using interferometric methods 

    Rueda, E.; Angel, L.; Velasquez, D. (SPIE-INT SOC OPTICAL ENGINEERING, 2004-01-01)
    In this work some frequencies and modes of vibration of a thin plate were determined using interferometric methods like: real-time holographic interferometry, time-average holographic interferometry, digital speckle pattern ...
  • Optical vortex metrology from phase modulo 2 p maps 

    Sierra-Sosa, D.-E.; Angel-Toro, L.; Tebaldi, M.; Bolognini, N. (2012-01-01)
    Conventional Optical Vortex Metrology techniques rely on the generation of pseudophase maps for image processing and measuring. In our work, as a novel alternative the application of this techniquefrom phase modulo 2p maps ...
  • Consumed fatigue life assessment of composite material structures by optical surface roughness inspection 

    Zuluaga, P.; Frövel, M.; Restrepo, R.; Trallero, R.; Atienza, R.; Pintado, J.M.; Belenguer, T.; Salazar, F. (Trans Tech Publications Ltd., 2013-01-01)
    A strong knowledge of the fatigue state of highly advanced carbon fiber reinforced polymer composite (CFRP) structures is essential to predict the residual life and optimize intervals of structural inspection, repairs, ...
  • Inspection of an extended surface by an active 3D multiresolution technique 

    Vargas, J.; Restrepo, R.; Quiroga, J.A.; Belenguer, T. (Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2009-01-01)
    Reliable inspection of large surfaces with low depth recovery error is needed in a wide variety of industrial applications, for example in deformation measurement or defect inspection of extended surfaces as communication ...
  • Improving on-axis optical vortex generation by transmissive spatial light modulator using coherent phase diversity 

    Cuartas-Vélez, C.; Restrepo, R.; Echeverri-Chacón, S.; Uribe-Patarroyo, N. (OSA - The Optical Society, 2016-01-01)
    We present a modification of numerical optimization coherent phase diversity in order to detect and correct undesired effects of non-linear and incomplete phase modulation of transmissive spatial light modulators for on-axis ...
  • Computer graphic method for direct correspondence image acquisition used in full parallax holographic stereograms 

    Madrid Sanchez, Alejandro; Velasquez Prieto, Daniel (SPIE-INT SOC OPTICAL ENGINEERING, 2016-01-01)
    The holoprinter technology based on holographic stereograms has generated a fast development in holographic display applications by the holographic recording of a 2D image sequence with information of a 3D scene, which ...
  • Analysis of optomechanicalMethod for materials selection in optical design 

    Cano-Barrera, C.; Restrepo, R.; Zuluaga-Ramírez, P. (OSA - The Optical Society, 2016-01-01)
    We present a technique to determine the wavefront error and polarization changes introduced by a loaded optical material based on its optical, thermal and mechanical properties through an integrated optomechanical simulation ...
  • A computational method to acquired hogel images used in full parallax holographic stereograms 

    Sánchez, A.M.; Velásquez, D. (OSA - The Optical Society, 2016-01-01)
    Holographic stereogram displays require 2D image sequences with a distribution of multiple perspectives of the object. This paper propose a computational method to generate the required images to record full parallax ...
  • Applications of spatial light modulators in speckle interferometry 

    Bodendorfer, T.; Restrepo, R.; Belenguer, T.; Koch, A.W. (SPIE-INT SOC OPTICAL ENGINEERING, 2012-01-01)
    High resolution spatial light modulators (SLM) have been used in many different ways during the last years. Regarding speckle interferometry, different applications can be realized by integrating SLMs in interferometric ...

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