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    3D-contorno [1]
    Aberraciones Ópticas, Polinomios de Zernike, Opto-mecánica [1]
    Aberración de frente de onda, Series de Fourier, Polinomios de Zernike [1]
    Aberrations; Adaptive control systems; Adaptive optics; Biological systems; Diffraction; Light modulators; Light transmission; Phase modulation; Topology; Vortex flow; Wavefronts; Amplitude gratings; Dynamic diffraction; Mathematical frameworks; Optical vortices; Spatial light modulators; Topological charges; Vortex beams; Diffraction gratings [1]
    Achromatism [2]
    aerosol; hygroscopicity; instrumentation; lidar; mixing ratio; relative humidity; remote sensing [1]
    algorithm; article; Fourier analysis; image processing; light; methodology; transducer, Algorithms; Fourier Analysis; Image Processing, Computer-Assisted; Light; Transducers [1]
    Algorithms; Bubbles (in fluids); Buffer storage; Correlation methods; Diffusers (optical); Fast Fourier transforms; Flow of fluids; Gravitational effects; Holographic interferometry; Laser beams; Light reflection; Optical systems; Phase modulation; Soaps (detergents); Structure (composition); Surface active agents; Intermolecular forces; Liquid films; Pupil aperture; Soap films; Thinning process; Speckle [1]
    Algorithms; Computer simulation; Diffraction; Fast Fourier transforms; Films; Interferometers; Laser beams; Light transmission; Soaps (detergents); Correlation fringes; Interferometric fringes; Soap film analysis; Speckle interferometers; Speckle [1]
    Algorithms; Graphic methods; Image reconstruction; Imaging systems; Medical imaging; Quality control; Robots; Three dimensional, Image capture systems; Medical image analysis; Stereo reconstruction; Three dimensional modeling; Virtual scene rendering, Computer graphics [1]
    Aluminum; Cryogenics; Electric coils; Fused silica; Optical collimators; Thermal effects, IR instrumentation; Large lens; Optical Mounts, Imaging techniques [1]
    Analytical signals; Decorrelations; Experimental evidence; High sensitivity; Imaginary parts; In-plane displacement; Optical processing; Parameterized; Pseudo-phase; Set-ups; Speckle decorrelation; Speckle distribution; Speckle patterns; Speckled images; Topological charges; Zero-crossings; Fourier optics; Graphic methods; Measurements; Speckle; Units of measurement; Vortex flow [1]
    Angular acceptance; Angular sensitivity; coronagraphs; Detailed models; Environmental conditions; Ground based; Polarimeters and ellipsometers; Polarization modulators; Space-based; Variable retarder; Wide-field, Ellipsometry; Instruments; Polarimeters; Proton irradiation; Radiation effects; Space applications; Ultraviolet radiation; Vacuum applications, Liquids [1]
    Angular separation; Binary star; Collimation system; Concept-based; Galilean collimators; Ground telescopes; Illumination levels; Illumination sources; Illumination system; Infrared line; Multi-spectral; Optical configurations; Opto-mechanics; Optomechanical; Spectral characteristics; Wavelength channels, Atmospheric thermodynamics; Lightning; Optical collimators; Optical telescopes, Atmospheric turbulence [1]
    Antennas; Communication; Industrial applications; Measurements; Triangulation, Active triangulation; Camera-projector systems; Communication antennas; Deformation measurements; Global measurements; Measurement system; Multi-resolution techniques; Multiresolution methods, Inspection [1]
    Apertures [2]
    Application programs; Cameras; Computer generated holography; Computer graphics; Geometrical optics; Holographic displays; Lenses; Lithography; Optical systems; Printers (computer); Visual communication; Computational implementations; Computer generated objects; Computer graphics software; Design and implementations; Holographic reconstruction; holographic stereograms; holoprinter; Synthetic holograms; Holograms [1]
    Approximation theory; Cameras; Coherent light; Diffraction; Discrete Fourier transforms; Image processing; Image reconstruction; Lighting; Mathematical techniques; Noise abatement; Optics; Speckle; Digital holography; Fresnel's holograms; Speckle free reconstruction; Transmittance; Holography [1]